Anecdotes from the volunteers :)

From myself, during my time there (june 2015)

"As the day was passing by, I ended for the last hour in Pratom 2. First the main teacher stayed in the class, but after 10 minutes, she left, leaving me with those adorable little heads, who were very excited to stay alone with me. The hour went quickly, the children repeating after me as I was showing and saying parts of the body. They love that exercice so much that they already know all of them. So we did some handwriting exercices, still about the body, with colouring pictures. But as the hour was ending, a strong wind got up, bringing very quicly big dark clouds and slamming the shutters and the door. All the kids got even more excited and as I locked the shutters and the door, a heavy rain started to fall. The whole atmosphere in the school became electrical, the storm and the rain putting every children in an excited mood. The hour ended, and I joined many children, running from one shelter to another, hesitating to walk home or to wait the end of the storm. That's what New (the girl in my hostfamily) wanted to do. So Tangmo, Jan, Cat, her and me stayed there for a while, but the rain didn't stop, so finally, we started to run under the rain, laughing. Tangmo disappeared for a minute and re appeared with huge tree leaves, under which we could walk to protect ourselves from the rain. 10 minutes after we were back home, the rain stopped, and eventually, the clouds flew away, leaving a nice sky and a beautiful lighting in the air. So as usual, New asked me to go take pictures around the village. So we left, and walked around, soon joined by Tangmo, Cat and Bamby. Again, the atmosphere was incredible. We laughed a lot, communicating as we could."



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