Interested to join the program? Here are some informations

What you need to know

I think the first thing to know is that this program is very new and very flexible. So things and facts I m telling about in this blog is what I lived and experienced.
Nina, inhabitant of Khok Pia, set up this volunteer program on her own with the idea to give the opportunity to the students of the school, but also to the people in her village, to meet some people coming from an other country, to motivate them to study and speak english, be less shy with foreigners and understand they are people just like them with a different skin color.
The people here are very happy to welcome anyone and they are very open to any suggestion if one wants to come and do something else, wether it be teaching an other subject than english or doing some complete different work in the village(s).


The volunteer will live in Khok Pia or Khok Si village (just a few kilometers away from each other), and can work in KhoksiKhokpia school (where children from both study). In order to give the opportunity to both village inhabitants to talk to you and practice their english, Nina will try to alternate between Khok Pia and Khok Si village for the hostfamilies.
!News!: An other school took part of the volunteering project, and now you will work in two school : KhoksiKhokpia School, and Thairatvitaya 84 School (3kilometers away from KhoksiKhokpia School)Here is the link of a map with some notes about the area! Click here to see it !

What to do as a volunteer

There are plenty of things a volunteer can do when she/he comes here, and any suggestion or propositions will be happily heard by Nina, and if possible, accepted! It is of course possible to do several different activities and to alternate them.
  • In the school: One can come to help teaching in the school. It can be:
    • English (if your mother tongue is english, it's great, but if not, as long as your english level is good it's also great!) : help with the english morning activities (5 to 10 minutes, easy games), assist and help the english teacher during the lessons, one can also give some lessons alone (following the student's english books) if one wants and feels comfortable with it, give some conversations/grammar/vocabulary/... class after school for motivated students but also for the teachers and staff in the school
    • Music, Art, IT, Sport, Cooking, or any other class depending on your skills
  • In the village: One can also come here to see and live the thai rural way of life and help in the village in different ways.
    • Give some english class (simple conversations, grammar, vocabulary,...) to the children, teenagers, university students and adults
    • Photography, writting, design a website,.. for the volunteer program but also for personal wishes
    • Work in the farm, rice fields, cows farm
    • Work in temple : help construct the new building
    • Support the monks in temple
    • Help the village sellers in their everyday life (go to the markets, sell foods and vegetables,..)
However, if you don't want to take part in the school, you can only do the "homestay experience" in the village, you will find more informations about it on this website : Isanexplorer website

How long

Once again, this is up to you :) If you're travelling and just want to come for a few days, even one, it's possible. You can come between 1 day to 1 month, or even more if you want to.
You just need to think that if you come to the school, the more time you stay the better you'll be able to understand and adapt, but also the children will have more time to get to know you and vice versa.


You ll be asked to pay 1750 baht (≈US$53) per week, which includes accommodation, three meals, laundry and transportation when needed. This money goes directly to the hostfamily.
And you ll also be asked to pay one time 1500 baht (≈US$45) for your first day here, with introduction and orientation in the village and a traditional bai-si-su-kwan welcome ceremony in the village.
Nina is currently looking for sponsors who would support the program, and hopefully, this program will be free for the volunteers eventually.


You have 3 possibilities of accommodation, depending on the time you stay there:
  • Taking part of a family: you can chose between living in a family as "a part of it" which means living like them, eating with them, which can also mean not having a lot of time on your own and a reduced privacy. It is better if you stay at least 3 days.
  • You can chose to live in a family who will consider you more as a guest, giving you one room with your privacy and time for you. It is better if you stay at least 3 days.
  • You can chose to live on your own, in a private house in Khok Si village. It has 3 bedrooms. And you'll have wifi, and will have to buy and cook food for yourself. In you stay here minimum 1 month.
In any case, please be aware that those are small rural villages, therefore, the accommodations can be very different from what you're used too (different commodities, different beds, etc.) There might not be wifi in the family you're staying, but you'll always be welcome to go in Nina's house, or some other neighboor's house who has wifi. It is also very easy to get a thai simcard with internet (if your mobile phone is not locked for you country!)

If you have any questions or if you are interested to come, please feel free to contact me via this blog or to contact Nina :) You can also find informations about the volunteering progam on the facebook page :

Facebook: Nina Merlion

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